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This is our Pledge

A SEND ADVOCATE is an individual or organisation that is committed to:

  • fostering opportunities for individuals to maximise their potential to do the very best they can do and to be the very best they can be, irrespective of the individual level of disability,

  • focusing on the 'how to make it happen' dialogue, and

  • bringing a solution-centered approach to the discussion, by listening, acknowledging, valuing and acting.

We do not believe all SEND Advocates share the same view, but respectfully are willing to listen, consider and act.

Who's on #TeamSEND ?

Recorded below (in no particular order) are some of the many SEND Advocates  supporting our campaign, to date.  It is  growing community of people & organisations committed to The SEND Advocate Pledge.

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Do look at #SENDcareers Pledge

SENDcareers pledge