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Accessibility, Assistive Technology & Usability

Design for all involves a synergy between usability and accessibility combined with the appropriate user dependent assistive technology.

What's the point?  Technology (software and hard) is evolving at phenomenally pace and so a starting point question has to be - what's the purpose? In other words, what is the technology enabling?  broadly speaking these can  considered in terms of 5 areas:
  • Aids learning , as opposed to replacing learning

  • Increases engagement in an activity e.g. language learning app

  • Enhances interaction with peers and mentors

  • Supports growth of a skill or an area development

  • Makes every day life functions easier or accessible

Reflect on your own use of technology - what purpose does it serve?

Grateful to Carol Allen @caroljallen for her contribution to this page.  Important to consider how generic, every day devices are now surpassing the need for specialist technology.


Painting with sound?

Making music using gesture alone?

A really creative and accessible app to explore.  Useful across the age ranges as it supports early awareness and cause/effect but can be used to create more complex compositions.

Hardware to support app use

The APPlicator from Pretorian

The APPlicator from Pretorian offers comprehensive scanning switch access to Apps, Music, iBooks, internet, and photography, using the iPad, iPad mini, iPod, and iPhone devices. Easy to set up and get started.



This Multiplication website is proving very popular with parents choosing to home school their children who have Dyslexia. Games-based learning combined with memorable rhymes support multi-sensory learning of multiplication tables.

visit the website


The AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom is a real one-stop shop for all things AAC that follow a core word format. Full of resources and ideas to consider, it is ideal both for those new to the field and for those who wish to gather new ideas to refresh their practice.

visit the website

Files to download

Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups


Augmentative and Alternative Communication Cerebral Palsy


Accessibility on iPhone / iPad - Guide