SEND Advocates across education, health & social care

Throughout 2017-18 and beyond, we will be collaborting with a range of partners across education, health and social care to strengthen the SEND Advocate voice.

We believe there are many individuals and organisations advocating for the rights, progress and liberty of children and young people with SEND.  They are involved in education, health and or social care.

We believe, collectively, we have a stronger voice.

The SEND Advocates Campaign emerged from the Twitter dialogue with parents and practitioners, a few months back.  Anita Devi, founding Director of ADL is also a trustee for MK Healthwatch - making an impact across education, health & social care.

We define a SEND Advocate as an individual or organisation that is committed to:

  • fostering 'pupil opportunities to maximise their potential to do the very best they can do and to be the very best they can be, irrespective of the individual level of disability' (Imray & Colley, 2017 p2)
  • focusing on the 'how to make it happen' dialogue, and
  • bringing a solution-centered approach to the discussion, by listening, acknowledging, valuing and acting.

We do not believe all SEND Advocates share the same view, but respectfully are willing to listen, consider and act.


If you would like to receive a snazzy "I'm a SEND Advocate" badge (free of charge i.e. just the cost of a stamped self-addressed envelope ), please email us through the contact page and we will send you instructions on how to obtain one.