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Important to consider how generic, every day devices are now surpassing the need forspecialist technology.

  • Accessibility on iPhone / iPad - Guide


Useful resources from CALL Scotland

Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning

Using Tobii Dynavox products, or want to learn more about how to use them to their best advantage?  This lively and supportive Facebook page will not only offer information on products and events such as seminars and webinars, it will also answer support queries. 


This Multiplication website is proving very popular with parents choosing to home school their children who have Dyslexia.  Games-based learning combined with memorable rhymes support multi-sensory learning of multiplication tables.

The AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom is a real one-stop shop for all things AAC that follow a core word format.  Full of resources and ideas to consider, it is ideal both for those new to the field and for those who wish to gather new ideas to refresh their practice.


Painting with sound?  Making music using gesture alone?  A really creative and accessible app to explore.  Useful across the age ranges as it supports early awareness and cause/effect but can be used to create more complex compositions.

Hardware to support app use:

The APPlicator from Pretorian offers comprehensive scanning switch access to Apps, Music, iBooks, internet, and photography, using the iPad, iPad mini, iPod, and iPhone devices. Easy to set up and get started.

Watch this space for apps to be added


BIGmack remains the staple product to start with simple communication and cause/effect.  Also can be used for switch control.  A classroom basic, essential single message communicator.  

Skoog is simply designed to bring music creation to everyone.  No complex technical knowledge or musical skill. With attention to accessible design, music can be produced by tapping, banging, touching, stroking and squeezing.  Using the associated app, you can play along with your iTunes account thus allowing for personalised activities and increased engagement.

Using a Dark Den allows the creation of a defined sensory space in a larger classroom environment.   Simply erected it can be used for visual work: visual stimulation; tracking and fixation.  Equally, it can be used to project images, videos and this can be combined with auditory work.  Whether it is used to provide a space to work toward sensory targets or to relax and re-energise, this is a really useful piece of kit.

The C-pen allows the user to scan text and either have it read aloud or instantly import as text to both PC and Mac platforms.  Portable and very simple to use.  The Exam Reader is designed to be used in exam conditions and has been approved by The Joint Council for Qualifications thus the same access technique can be used in class and exam.  This range of products supports print impaired students such as those with Dyslexia or impaired vision.