Four Areas of Need

Social care

Watch Marcus (aged 10 going on 20) share his story and journey with ADHD (presented at ADHD Foundation Conference 2017)

The venn diagram above is a good way to plot the overlapping needs of children and young people across all areas of need.

Art & SEND

This page was created for a SENCO Update.  It was designed to model, how we can create Activity Mats for CYP with low attention span, to ensure they stay on task.

Art and SEND Jay Rixon (Feb 2018).pdf Art and SEND Jay Rixon (Feb 2018).pdf
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Inclusion is Dead is a provocative polemic against the widely held notion that inclusion for all children and young people with SEN is both possible and desirable. For those with severe learning difficulties (SLD) and profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD), the authors argue, it is neither.

Imray and Colley assert that the dominance of inclusion has meant that there has been no serious attempt to look at the educational difficulties faced by learners with PMLD and SLD. As a vision of egalitarianism and equality for all, they say, inclusion is dead